Monday, March 29, 2010

Ideas for Deer Fences

In preparation for the installation of our garden, and the deer that share the campus with us, the Sustainability committee has been exploring possible fences. Here are a few of the possibilities... What do you think? Keep the ideas coming.

What other schools are doing

University of Washington, Tacoma garden video

UW, Tacoma helps with the local mission and donates the vegables and friuts they grow in the garden. The school has students who voluteer their time to help with the garden. The garden is located about 4 blocks away from the campus. Students who work in the garden usually work about 4-5 times a week.

Ohio State, ( Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens )

Ohio State's leanring gardens rely on volunteer support for all of their day to day opperations, and is specifically used by Landscaping and Horticultural classes. Part funded by the college, part funded by local businesses, private donors, plant sales, and membership fees (an option which allows subscribers invitations to private events, discounts on plant sales, etc...) The gardens and Arboretum are integrated into the campus landscape itself to be enjoyed by all, not just the volunteers.

Penn State, (Cooperative Extension in Montgomery County)

Supported by volunteers and local business, the gardens include a butterfly, water, rock, turf management, groundcover, perennial and annual, and universally accessible gardens for students and the community at large.

Colorado State University, (The Ute Ethnobotany Learning Garden Project)

The Ute Ethnobotany Learning Gardens, are supported by the U.S. Dept. of Interior Bureau of Land Management, Dept. of U.S. Forest Service, Mesa State College, Colorado State University Extension and Colorado Master Gardener Program, and Nothern Ute Indian Nation, the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, students and volunteers. Though still in its infancy and construction stages, the project plans to teach living and eating from a xeric landscape, traditional Native American gardening skills, Ute structures and miniature plant communities, as well as provide an adaptable vegetable garden for people with limited mobility and/or living space.

Portland State University, (Learning Gardens Labratory)

Supported by Portland University, Portland Public Schools, Portland Parks & Rec., OR State Extension Service, and volunteers, the Portland Learning gardens provide classes not just to their local campus, but to surrounding schools and students of all grades and skill levels including: Ecology, Cultures and Learning Program, Environmental Education, Grant Writing for the Environment, Sustainable Food Systems, and Learning Gardens and Civic Affairs.