Monday, October 20, 2014

Planning new things!

Hello everyone!
Guess what's new, recently? We have new friends coming to help in the garden! Sky is planning new changes for this beautiful and fun garden! Dave brought us new students here to help clear ivy and make a new bed for new plants!
Look at these two cool friends, Steve and Patrick!!! They are clearing ivy to make more space for the garden beds. If you are curious about what we are going to do in this place, come and check out our garden every Friday! Or you can keep a close eye on this blog, we will update anything fun here. 

This student is planting future pretty tulips! I know, these tulips look like garlic now. They will be incredibly beautiful soon. Believe me, I planted them in my yard.

Aha! Are David and Patrick planning exciting new things for our garden? Do you think it will be about Halloween? Well, I don't know too. But I'm going to ask them this Friday. If you want to know, please join us!