Sunday, April 28, 2013

Plant Sale a huge Sucess

Greetings from the Learning Garden!
Thanks to the hard work of our student volunteers and the overwhelming support of the St Martin's community our plant sale was a huge success!

Getting the plants we grew in the greenhouse acclimated to the sun!

 Potatoes and peas grown in boxes! Biogradable  planters, easy to harvest

Tomato plants

Happy People buying plants!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Come to the Learning Garden and see the Mason Bees working the early blossoms!

It is wonderful to see the Mason Bees using the cells provided by the holes drilled into these sections of limbs. These Mason Bee homes were put here by student volunteers when the Learning Garden was created. Mason Bees are very good pollinators essential to having abundant crops. 

Our vegetable starts are growing  very well in the greenhouse. We will have a nice selection of Heirloom and mixed greens for sale this Friday at our fundraiser for the Learning Garden. The student volunteers transplanted Tomato seedlings and bundled bare root Strawberry plants. 
We worked on potting up the perennials and ground covers we have received as donations. Thank you!! We can still use pots and plants.
We planted  seed potatoes in banana boxes on top of a layer of chips and covered  them with soil. We plan to add more chips and soil as the potatoes grow over the spring and summer. 

Layla and Saad planted more potatoes in a bed that grew garlic last season, and planted onions all around the edge.

Potatoes grow very well  in the Pacific Northwest  they have an affinity for our naturally acidic soils.
Holly planted Snap Peas. Peas and potatoes are crops that prefer the cool temperatures of springtime. Thank You to all the student volunteers for making the Learning Garden great!