Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden Party #3

First garden party when it didn't rain on us!

SMU's First Lady, Kathleen and Thurston County Food Bank volunteer Phillip, prepare the whiskey barrels for planting.

Deciding where to plant what.

Amanda and Sarah test the soil. Turns out it needs more of everything (N,P and K).

Strawberry box.

Dr. Shkurkin, Sarah, Rosemary, Amanda, Phillip and I get fed a delicious local, organic lunch by Bon App├ętit.

Purple potatoes, beans, bok choi and peas are in here.


  1. Saint Martin’s used to raise virtually all its own food (including sheep grazing on campus). I suggest growing fruit for canning and syrups.

  2. I get to see your hard work from my office window and wish that I could be working in the dirt with you. Good job! It will be great to watch everything grow. You've inspired me to use a small space at home to grow a few items. Thanks.