Monday, July 26, 2010

What's Growing on in the Learning Garden

The garden has finally begun producing enough goodies we were obliged to share. Last Wednesday our volunteers were able to sample the Learning Garden's first ripe tomato, and take some of our boc choy home with them.

This week we have started harvesting the radishes.

The tomatoes continue to tempt us, by looking delicious.

A curious phenomenon is taking over the strawberry patch. This is the last known picture of this one. *Yum.*

This unfortunate phenomenon seems also to have spread to the raspberry box...

The squash has begun to develop fruit.

The sunflowers and corn continue to climb skyward.

The broccoli we planted last week is doing well.

And the newest blueberry plant is flourishing, though I have no idea where all the ripe berries went...

So that's what's been growing on in the garden.
Thanks to everyone who have been following us here, on the blog, and volunteering your time to help paint, harvest, weed, water, and keep our garden looking beautiful.

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