Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chinese Medicinal Plants in the Garden

Last Friday in the garden - Dr. Louise Kaplan, director of SMU's new nursing program, brought visiting students from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to plant medicinal herbs and shrubs in the SMU's Learning Garden.
from Dr. Jie, Xu (Daisy) list of medicinal plants for the garden
Thanks to visiting professor Dr. Jie, Xu (Daisy) who compiled the list of medicinal plants for us to get and to  all of the students who volunteered to go to the market, find the starts and to plant our first Chinese medicinal herbs for future classes to enjoy.
Students from Shanghai University. Left to right in front: Chen Luhua (Pearl), Zhu Liangbo (Cream), Huang Zhiwei (Simple), Zhang Zhuhui(Vicky),Chen Lin (Lin), and Zhao Xiyue (CiCi). Left-far back: Xie Yingfang (Catherine) and Shen Dan (Ivy)  Mr. Lee, the chaperone, is the farthest back.
 SMU's ESL students are currently working on information cards to go with the plants!

Shanghai student, Zhang Zhuhui (Vicky), watering the Ginkgo after planting
Ginkgo (pictured above) is an especially good medicine for a university garden as it helps with memory and concentration!

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  1. Hi, Xiao hui xiang is Cumin. Hui Xiang is Fennel. do check internet sources, I may be wrong too.