Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seed Library

We are starting to think about the coming spring season, so we are thinking about seeds. Seeds have a fascinating history. They are tiny beginnings of luscious gardens and miniature volumes of genetic information that are cultivated and disseminated by farmers and plants. You might have been reading about the controversies surrounding corporations that patent their genetically modified seeds - sort of like copyrighting genetic information that is engineered in a seed pod. As a result, gardeners are starting to pay closer attention to heirloom seeds that are like old books in the public domain. Heirloom seeds have been handed down from generation to generation way back, from the times of pre-industrial agriculture. Because of their long history, these seeds tend to have naturally adapted to resist pests and diseases. Seed exchange organizations often make these seeds available for gardeners and now seed libraries are becoming popular too. We are starting to think about our contribution to preserving and freely exchanging heirloom seeds within our community of gardeners. If you are interested in an internship to begin exploring a seed library on the SMU campus, leave us a comment below and we will contact you!

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