Thursday, February 21, 2013

Student Volunteers Get the Work Done!

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to work with five students in the Learning Garden. We started inside the greenhouse where we planted two flats of seedlings to sprout  and grow in the greenhouse.  We planted cool weather crops, an heirloom variety of Italian Kale,  and a mix of Asian greens called Mizuna. The volunteers were very enthusiastic and extremely helpful.

When we finished inside we ventured out doors where it was drizzling a fine rain. Everyone wanted to continue to work so we moved several bags of compost and applied the compost to the beds, We planted three new Blueberry bushes into wine barrels we had had some mint in. Three different varieties of Blueberries than what we  already have to increase cross-pollination and improve our fruit yield. Our  native Hummingbirds love the Blueberry blossoms and will be moving the pollen around as will the Bees in April and May then look for the berries in mid Summer!

Thanks to all the Student Volunteers!

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  1. Thank you Lynn for sharing on our experience yesterday. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to help again. Looking forward to seeing the "fruits" of our labors. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us!