Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaf Mold Bin

What is a leaf mold bin and why would you want to make one?

  A Leaf Mold is a type of compost made of leaves broken down by fungal action.
We need to add compost to our garden beds on a regular basis to replace and replenish our soil to grow the best vegetables.
Although compost is available commercially it is very expensive and made of a wide range of materials, some better than others.
The leaves we used in our compost were Bigleaf Maple leaves,
Acer macrophyllum our native Maple Tree with
Very Big Leaves!

 It is very important that the leaves remain wet over the winter to achieve decomposition by Spring.
We will add another layer to the bin and we may cover it in the Spring to heat up the fungal action.
Come and check out our leaf mold bin!

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