Monday, August 4, 2014

Flower Blooming Season

Last Friday,June 20, as usual, Dave, and some students came to help in the garden. I  saw these beautiful Daylilies on that day. Before that, I had only white lilies in my mind and I also considered lilies to represent something pure like the color white. But this amazing orange color as you see in the photo is just right for the passion of summer. All I want on this sunny summer afternoon is to be sitting down in a quiet garden with a cup of tea and to be appreciating these special flowers. They are different from my thoughts before, and they look very pleasant with the sunshine. I was thinking that must be the sun that gave them such great color.

By the way, lilies are not only ones worth noticing! These blueberries are almost ready. See the changing colors from green to purple? It is always amazing to see how plants are growing. They may not change during the five minutes that you  are staring at them,  but check in after a week! You will be surprised  how much they did grow!

And feel free to come! We all will be there every Fridays 2- 4 pm. Actually in this garden, you are welcome anytime to visit!

Enjoy the great summer!

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