Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Learning Garden Plant Sale!

Hi Friends,

Tatsoi, a delicious, firm, nutty, micro green and stir fry leaf.
We have a passel of plants for your purchase Tuesdasy through Thursdays, Noon to 3pm. Drop in to gather some strong starts for your garden basics, and find out about our planned expansion of existing beds and other summer projects. We'll be busy on pretty much every Wednesday afternoon starting May 8th with a new or continuing garden design project. Also, bring your garden questions; even if you stump me I enjoy taking a note and researching new garden knowledge. I look forward to visiting with you!
We put up $75 in revenue last week for some garden upgrades including a Kiwi trellis and new raised beds. We've sold out of sunflowers, and have just a few artichokes, cucumbers and tatsoi left- the tatsoi is a Asian Cabbage that graces stir fries as easily as green salad. Thick, tender and crisp all at once, with just the slightest nutty-broccoli flavor, tatsoi is quickly becoming a green to rival even the mighty Spinach!

Herbal Garden Salt $3.00
(made with sea salt and herbs from the learning garden!)
Artichoke $4.00
Cucumbers $3.00        
Kale $2.00                    
Kohlrabi $2.00  
Leeks $2-$4/pot        
Oregano $3.00            
Mint $3.00        
Culinary Sage $4.00
Strawberry $3.00 or 9/$20                           
Raspberry $3.00 or 5+/$10    
Tatsoi $2/$3            
Tomatoes $3.00            
Yarrow $2.00

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