Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Spring! We welcome the Vernal Equinox

On March 20th 2013 our hours of daylight and our hours of darkness were  as closely equal in length as they ever get throughout the year and now everyday until the summer solstice will be light out a little longer until the longest day in June. Long ago this held more importance because people really needed to make use of the extra light to get what they needed to, done. But in those days people even made use of the bright light of a Full Moon to cut hay or even to frame buildings. Artificial light was in its infancy then and was used sparingly. We are using light to start plants to have plant starts for sale and for the Learning Garden.
Beautiful Seedling Tomatoes
See the seed leaves? (smooth)
See the second set of leaves? (toothed)
Below is an example of the benefits of transplanting seedlings into larger size containers
The plants in the front and the plants in the back are the same age.
The plants in the back were transplanted into bigger peat pots about two weeks ago. The plants in the back are much bigger the transplanting was the only difference in their care.
The deer have been visiting our Learning Garden beds we see their cloven hoofed foot prints.
Our strategy has been to keep our raised beds free of the types of plants that they like to eat during the winter months. I was told by the conservation district that deer will create a browsing circuit or route and if you can stay off of that  by eliminating tasty things when  the pickings are slim, you will have less problems.  
So far so good!
Please feel free to drop off used plant containers
and plants and heirloom seeds (seeds go in the shed) at the
Learning Garden.
We are having weekly work parties in the LG every Wednesday from Noon to 2:00. Please join us!

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