Thursday, March 7, 2013

Native Tree Nursery Grows

We now have an inventory of 35 plus potted native trees. Student volunteers working on their service learning commitments potted up another 20 plus trees today.  Four evergreen coniferous species Grand Fir Abies grandis, Douglas Fir Pseudotsuga menzeisii, Western Red Cedar Thuja plicata, Western Hemlock Tsuga heterophylla, and one deciduous species Vine Maple  Acer circinatum. This is a fine collection of trees that will grow well in this climate. These tree species have shaped the history of the Pacific Northwest. They have provided habitat, medicine and a livelihood to many who have lived here. It is good to know them and to grow them.

See those green sprouts on the left that is Garlic! 

What a happy bunch of people and trees!
Thank You! 

 We hope to sell these trees and to use them to do Bonsaii anyone interested in establishing a Bonsai collection for SMU or learning, creating and having your own Bonsaii should contact me at . Keep posted to learn the date of our next plant sale we are hoping to have it the 1st Friday in April. Anyone with plants or bulbs to donate are encouraged to drop them off at the Learning Garden.

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